Vote for The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation ‘s “Painting Our Angel Wings” contest

The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation has initiated the second “Painting Our Angel Wings” picture book creation contest for disabled children in Vietnam, aiming to enhance educational resources available on the Digital Library for Children. This digital platform provides children with disabilities the opportunity to further develop their cognitive abilities and essential life skills.

Lately, the contest has received numerous impressive picture book entries from contestants, which have now advanced to the Community Voting round. The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation is extending its outreach to the community, encouraging them to unite in support of the contest. This support not only encourages the contestants but also draws attention to the cause of disabled children by casting votes for the contest entries.

To take part in the voting, kindly visit the website at:

Then follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to the “2023 Entries” section to view the candidates’ submissions.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account to enable commenting.
  • Beneath each contestant’s entry, you’ll find a comment section. An account with a single valid comment is considered one point. Even if an account has multiple comments, it still counts as one point.

The Community Voting Round will remain open until 18:00 on October 22, 2023. For further information about the contest, please reach out to The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation through their fanpage: Lawrence S. Ting – LSTF.

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